Papal Bull of 1570 – The excommunication of Elizabeth I

In May 1570, news reached England which was to force Elizabeth I and her councillors to dramatically reassess the position of their island nation. Though gloriously revered in the eyes of patriots, England was, in reality, extremely vulnerable as a Protestant nation when set against the mighty Catholic powers of Europe. This fact could noContinue reading “Papal Bull of 1570 – The excommunication of Elizabeth I”

Anne Boleyn’s Lament

Queen Anne Boleyn was sentenced to be beheaded in 1536. Anne readied herself, but at the last moment her fate was postponed until the following morning, 19th May. ‘O Death, O Death, rock me asleep,  Bring me to quiet rest;  Let pass my weary guiltless ghost  Out of my careful breast.  Toll on, thou passingContinue reading “Anne Boleyn’s Lament”


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