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The Lopez Plot, 1594

This blog is part two – to read about Dr Lopez’s rise to prominence see the previous post: ‘The Queen’s Physician: Dr Lopez’s rise from Refugee to Society Doctor’ Lopez was an intelligent and charismatic man who was skilled in gaining the trust of those around him, but he was equally skilled in covering upContinue reading “The Lopez Plot, 1594”

The Queen’s Physician: Dr Lopez’s rise from Refugee to Society Doctor

Intimacy with a person of influence often makes one the subject extreme jealousy and resentment. If, to add to this, there is a reckless and endlessly ambitious character on the scene, then any hint of suspicion may provoke them to take extremes measures in order to remove their so-called rival from the picture. The 16th CenturyContinue reading “The Queen’s Physician: Dr Lopez’s rise from Refugee to Society Doctor”

Elizabeth I: The Birth of an Icon

When the name Elizabeth I is spoken, what immediately comes to mind? Most likely, you think of a red-haired, white-faced, proto-feminist Queen who defeated of the Spanish Armada threat, battled the plots of Mary, Queen of Scots, patronised the discovery of new land in the Americas whilst, at home, nurtured the birth of modern theatre,Continue reading “Elizabeth I: The Birth of an Icon”

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